5 Jun

Packers & Eagles Push Cowboys & Rams Out of Top 5 Super Bowl Contenders After Week 5

The Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles have replaced the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams as top five Super Bowl contenders after their wins in Week 5. Is either a good bet to win Super Bowl 54?
  • The Greenbaypackers Managed the Dallas Cowboys 34-24 on Sunday.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have won just two in a row.
  • The la Rams have lost two straight, allowing a total of 85 points at the practice.
We've seen a changing of the guard.
As Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots are at the Peak of the plank, Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers have taken upward and pushed down La Rams and that the Dallas Cowboys.
Taking a peek who's the better choice?

Odds to Win Superbowl 54

Team Opportunitie at BetOnline
New England Patriots +300
Kansas City Chiefs +700
Saints +900
Greenbaypackers +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1200
La Rams +1600
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Sanfrancisco 49ers +2000
Seattle Seahawks +2000
Houston Texans +2500

Cowboys Flop For 2nd Straight Week

After this season's initial 3 weeks, the Dallas Cowboys were a and we had discovered was this team can be just really actually a Super Bowl competition. The measure had been shot by their crime, Dak Prescott is elite and also the defense has been leading. The matter may be really is a. Playing with a handful real teams the previous few weeks, the Cowboys came back to Earth.
This past week, These certainly were muzzled by the Teddy Bridgewater-led New Orleans Saints after which churns from the Green Bay Packers. Certainly, old's Cowboys problems - that the game-managing match - are still issues. The shield appears like it has taken back a step again. Using a tough schedule coming up, they are difficult to trust for Superbowl futures.

Rams Falter at Backtoback Weeks

Even the Los Angeles Rams lost only three times all they will have lost. I worried though because their loss proved to be a conquer in Seattle - a pretty very spot and out a field objective is missed by Greg Zuerlein uncharacteristically.
They have any problems as the shield has holes they've let 85 points at the past two matches - like he is regressed at dusk also Jared Goff appears. Together with Sean McVay as an established history and head trainer, I am more prone to trust that particular team. Packers & Eagles Proceed, But Who Is the Higher Bet? Eagles and Even the Packers have taken up after caliber wins, however, I am more inclined to expect the Eagles. The Packers have any deficiencies. They will have one of their worst run defenses in the league and so they handed up yards to 122 racing to Dallas at a match. That is going to meet them up.
The Eagles will be the team I am thinking about because they are on the very top of this branch and so they're still getting fit. DeSean Jackson has never played and the secondary continues to be a wreck.
Quarterback Carson Wentz has ever been among the most very best from the NFL and also we all understand we could trust their training team.I'd not bet that the Eagles today, though, because they truly are going to set out on a road trip that takes them to Buffalo, Dallas and Minnesota. I mightn't be amazed when they lost two or one of the matches. With five of the final eight matches in the home, they conclude Next.
The street games have been in Washington and Miami. I'd wait until next stretch that is rough, expect to drop and again bet the Superbowl to be won by these.
I'd wait for significance, although I am able to view them winning the branch and completing strong.

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