27 May

Chiefs Still Given Second-Best Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 After Week 5 Loss

Despite a home-field loss to Indianapolis in Week 5, the Kansas City Chiefs are still the second betting choice to win Super Bowl 54 at +700 odds. Is there value betting on KC at a low point, or does Patrick Mahomes ankle injury make the Chiefs a stay away for the moment?
Marino's arm transported the Dolphins to nine postseason appearances and one Super Bowl appearance. However, a Super Bowl success was never there. He's 614 like a regular-season mentor and 462 as a playoff trainer. Reid's reputation can be as a coach who assembles teams who are good but not good. But flags are also waved by every other competitor. The New Orleans Saints are without QB Drew Brees (thumb surgery). Dallas is currently 3-0 against losing teams and 0-2 when confronting winning teams. The Bears dropped to the Raiders. The Eagles lost to the Lions and beat the Packers.
The Chiefs possess flaws. They don't run the ball well. Defensively, they fight to stop the run and are not much better at averting the pass. World-beaters for this season's initial three weeks, in the previous two weeks, the Chiefs are 1-1 and have been outscored in those 2 games 49-47. The Chiefs will soon be considered a playoff team but that's it. A word of advice: Do not go there, if you're considering betting KC to get Super Bowl.
Are Chiefs 2 For Superbowl? This season, the NFL is appearing very much as it has for most of this century. There is the New England Patriots, and then there's everybody else. In 20 seasons as an NFL head coach. Reid's teams earned postseason berths 14 instances. Healso lost, and's been to a Super Bowl. He is 15 in conference championship matches.

Superbowl 54 Odds

Team Odds at BetOnline*
New England Patriots +300
Kansas City Chiefs +700
New Orleans Saints +900
Greenbaypackers +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1200

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going to have to put up MVP-like amounts again this season if the Kansas City Chiefs are definitely going to become a Superbowl team. Hampered against the Colts by a foot accident that was mid-game, Mahomes was tied to his lack of freedom and the Chiefs' lack of a ground game. The Colts and Detroit Lions chose to undergo man coverage against the recipients of KC. It was capable of closing down the Chiefs' passing game that was passing. KC should still gain the AFC West handily. The only challenger to the Chiefs per year past, Even the Chargers, certainly really are a 2-3 bicycle fire.
Veteran NFL watchers will recall a second AFC team that moved as far as the Hall of Fame QB could take them. From 1984-99, Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins led the NFL in passing also in and five times TD passes. Prior to Sunday's 19-13 loss in Arrowhead Stadium, the Sports books gave chances to Kansas City.
BetOnline lists the Chiefs. It's evident that the Chiefs will go so far as they can be carried by controlling NFL MVP Mahomes. He has thrown only 1 touchdown pass in the past two games. Talking about harboring a restart of play off failure, let's not forget Chiefs coach Andy Reid. The last two weeks, he hasn't, and the Chiefs have paid the price. It does not cost Kansas City the slot because the second-betting decision to win Superbowl 54, nonetheless it has cost them in terms of how the sportsbooks view the Chiefs' chances of winning the big game.

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